Photo Gallery

Dry down in the Nursery

In this picture we se a shot of a Nursery that was affected by a water damage. With any public service provider, timeliness and promptness of project completion are crucial.

Equipment Detail

Here we see a small portion of our airmovers being tagged with an ID so that we can track more effectively. You have to know what you have and how to use it.

Ceiling Collapse at Commercial Building

Larger commercial buildings have sprinklers installed, these are designed to help but sometimes they can fail. When this happens the spriklers can flood the paneling and this will call a collapse.

White Glove Demo?

For those that require white-glove demo work to be performed, we offer "Button Down" Service...Just Kidding, This is a photo of our marketing manager tearing up a wooden dance floor.

Brush Fire in Coachella 2015

In the eastern part of the city we have a large swath of Ag land, when this becomes dry the risk for fire is increased.

Here we see a blaze that affected some migrant encampments. The fire was too intense and the dwellings were deemed not salvageable.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Grand Opening in 2011

What an exciting day this was, we had the Palm springs chamber and the La quinta Chamber at our Grand Opening. It seems like only yesterday.

Juicer gets scorched

The engine inside this Juicer unit has overheated and caught fire. The ensuing smoke affected the residence and required extensive wipe-down and deodorization.

What happens when birds nest in a home?

The home in this shot has experienced multiple issues. It was originally affected by a fire.

The fire created a hole in the ceiling and water was used to put out the fire. While the water was extracted and the fire cleaned up, during a prolonged rebuild the structure became a nesting site for birds.

The summer arrived and the birds expired, it was at  this stage that SERVPRO was called.

We offered Bio-hazard clean-up and resealed the ceiling.


Teambuilding at the Tram - 2014

We got the whole team together and went up the tram to have a little fun. We built snowman and had a snowball fight, then lunch. We cannot stress enough how important it is to know your people. Positive relationships are the basis for most productive relationships.

Sunken living room?

When these home owners talked about having a sunken living room, they may have meant something else.

The water in this picture came from a supply line to an icemaker in the bar.

Luckily they knew who to call.

Christmas Party 2014

SERVPRO crew just hanging out at the Tack room at the Polo grounds in indio. What a fun way to celebrate the holidays with our 'work' family.

What does secondary damage look like?

When a loss occurs, a fast response is crucial to resolving the issue with the least amount of effort. The longer it sits the worse it gets. Here we see artwork that was left in a residence that had an unchecked water damage. The reulting mold spread throughout the structure.

Gust o' Wind: Palm Desert CA, 2016

Here we see fallen trees from a severe wind storm that moved through our valley. The brunt of the storm landed in two areas. The first was central palm desert, with over 100 downed palm trees, the gardeners were busy; The second was in mecca/thermal area. The force of the wind in that area was enough to snap wooden telephone pole lines and bend the metal poles beyond repair.

CE Classes

At SERVPRO we offer CE classes to our professional associates. While you can take an online course and cover some of the basics, it is important to speak with an expert. They can offer applicable advice and less of a "literature based" perspective.

Malodor issues at Casino

Here we see a commercial restroom with negative air and a HEPA filter in-place. For some of our larger clients, the required service level and expectation for operation is much higher. When they have an issue we repond to meet the need and bring resolution.

Fleet Movements

We have been asked about our capacity and ability to handle any size job. Our reply to that is to look at the evidence, in our local area we have the largest single vendor response for any flooding that has occured.

When AC units run hot

In our desert the tempatures soar into triple digits routinely. When this occurs the A/C unts kick into overdrive. Sometimes the strain is too much and a small fire is the result. This can create odor and soot issues in the residence.

Right size tool for the job

When the project starts to ramp up in scale, you want to use the right size tool for the job. In our area we have some homes that are almost the size of small commercial buildings.

For this type of project we recommend larger dessicants. They handle the load and dont require the extensive documentation that multiple smaller units have.

Flooded Home in La Quinta, CA 2015

Water naturally pools in low lying areas, this occurs at both small and large scales. In this phote we see a shot of a residence that sat a little lower than its neighbors. It experienced significant flooding. This type of project requires sump pumps and can take a few days to stabilize before the dry-down phase.

Hotel underwater, Flooding in La quinta, CA 2014

This hotel in La quinta , CA was affected by the 2014 floods. The area was hit with a 700 year storm and we were called to help this hotel. One of their wings comprised of 23 seperate rooms was heavily affected.


Here we see a shot of our weighted-extraction unit, this is used to assist the in-place drying process. When the water is not deemed a health hazard, the material can be dried in place.

The Road to Work...Post-flood 2013

Here we see  the access road to our facility after the rains in 2013. This presented an obstacle for deploying our fleet. Luckily, we have higher clearance on our trucks, for just such a reason.

Plastic can stain carpet?

When a caret is tained during a water damage, normally the culprit is wood or metal. In this photo we see a shot of a blue-ray player that has 'bled' into the carpet.

Christmas Party in 2016

SERVPRO of Palm Springs and SERVPRO of Indian Wells crew are getting in the christmas spirit at The Living Desert "Holiday Lights" event.

Team-Building at The Indio chamber "Under the Glow" hot air ballon.

Team-Building at the Indio chamber of commerce "Dinner Under the Glow" hot air balloon event. These events really bring us closer as a team, they allow for that "getting to know each-other" time. This essential to bringing a team close together.

Wildfire:Scorched Earth- Singerton, CA fire 2013

In southern California we have dry periods that affect the native vegetation. When things become too dry and the summer temperatures soar we can have wildfires.

In this picture we see the intensity of the fire on the foliage.

Braving the Sea: La quinta, CA Floods of 2013

During the summer months in 2013 we were affected by a 300 year flood that maxed out the local drainage. Parts of the community became flooded and we provided the largest response in the valley.


At SERVPRO we have tons of spirit, you want to choose a vendor with the right attitude when you have a disaster.

Their positive energy helps to set the tone for making things right.

Office Team

SERVPRO of Palm springs and Indian Wells Office/Admin. team

Here is a shot of one of the most important parts of our team, because if you dont file the paperwork you wont get paid for your work.

Production Team

SERVPRO Production team, the body of our organization

Here is a shot of our SERVPRO heroes, we are grateful to have such a good group of people...and our office dog, Caly.

Our new facility back in 2010

SERVPRO's 'Flagship of the desert' facility.

Check out our new facility, we are now better equiped to offer storage and have various cleaning zones within.

Bigger is better, that is why you call us.

Team Building Day at Shakey's Pizza

When you work as hard as SERVPRO staff does, you need to take a break and refuel. Nothing says fuel like - Pizza, Fried Chicken and Jo-Jo's...Thats what we call a Teambuilder meal.

Play Ball, SERVPRO

Take the team out to a Ball Game, here we have several of our employees out playing a little baseball in the evening.

When you play the game, you need to play with your team, for the win.

Crew Chiefs and Customers

Here is one of our SERVPRO Heros-  Arnold has been one of our longest running Crew Chiefs. His dedication and actions are exemplary.

Here he is with a very satisfied Customer and the end of a job well done.