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Roof Leak in Commercial Facility

12/11/2017 (Permalink)

Buckets of Fun

SERVPRO of Palm Springs deals with commercial water damages all the time. While they may be larger than there residential counterparts, they still use the same equipment and approach.

In this picture we see a shot of a hallway in a commercial building where the owner has set out some buckets to catch the water that is coming through the ceiling. While the flooring might not require much attention, the ceiling and roof may require significant structural repair.

In these situations the damage may have occurred over time and will require demolition to remove all the affected material. This project may need some rebuild work and involve several vendors to get the structure back to operating status.

We always enjoy working with other vendors to bring a project to completion.

Water Damage at the Oral Surgeons office

12/5/2017 (Permalink)

Bubbling walls

At SERVPRO of Palm springs we encounter both residential and commercial projects.

The photo that we have provided is of the latter, it is a picture of an oral surgeon’s office that has been affected by a leak behind the walls. This leak usually manifests itself by causing the paint, normally latex based, to separate from the drywall. This creates large patches of bubbles, where the paint actually starts to slough off of the wall.

We were able to locate the source of the leak, stop the water flow and then remove the affected material. This required setting up containment in the exam room and placing drying equipment as well.

Once we had it dried down we then were able to replace any demoed material and get the office space back in to use.

We understand that owners have a business to run and that the sooner they get things back to normal the better.

Break-in Clean-up at a Bank

8/15/2016 (Permalink)

Security door does it job, Just like SERVPRO!

Recently we were called out to service a client after hours.

A local bank had experienced a Break-in, after gaining entrance through the ceiling, they attempted to enter the Teller's area seeking items to steal.

During the incident a security door was put to the test. Typically these areas are hardened with multiple layers of material designed to repel intrusion.

Luckily the door did its job and beyond the property damage sustained, no additonal issues were encountered. The suspects where unaware that the bank had secured its funds in its vault, as is common practice.

We conducted an inpection, cleaning and then rebuilt the damaged areas to pre-existing conditions.

SERVPRO, we assist with a variety of cleaning services and are availible to our clients 24/7/365.

Call SERVPRO for all your Commercial Cleaning needs!

Ceiling collapse in medical office (#2)

8/15/2016 (Permalink)

Radiology lab affected

A follow-up picture to our initial Ceiling collapse Blog post.

Water Damages strike all walks of life, here we see the impact on a medical facililty radiology examination room

When dealing with sophisticated equipment that requires intelligent handling, work with established professionals to ensure the right results.

We realize that the importance of communication when working with clients and additional service providers; when many people are involved - its important to work together for the benefit of the client.

This communication comes in the form daily 'Stakeholder' emails and project updates. Incidents will occur with all things, its important for all parties to stay on the same page and to respect the situation. Use reason to find the most efficient solution.

We take care of you, so you can take care of others.

SERVPRO, "Like it never even happened"

Ceiling collapse in medical office

8/15/2016 (Permalink)

When the 'Sky' falls in-doors, call SERVPRO for help.

SERVPRO pf Palm Springs and SERVPRO of Indian Wells were  contacted by a large medical office that had experienced a water damage over the course of the weekend.

An overhead sprinkler riser failed and the resulting water damage affected the drop-down ceiling. The ceiling collapsed under its own weight, which is common.

We were able to assist with the clean-up and removal of all debris. Placement of drying equipment and monitoring of this process, We then conducted a heavy-cleaning based on the type of business and the need for certain levels of cleanliness. With medical establishments, the focus is on avoiding the spread of infectious disease. 

We understand that patient care is at the forefront for Healthcare providers, we are there to help you keep your promise.

"Like it never even happened," Go green!